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Parent Perspective

As parents we fall victim to the pressures of other people’s criticisms and judgement, ESPECIALLY when it comes to dealing with sensory kids. Should we push harder? Are we pushing too hard? How do I support sensory without giving in to my child’s every whim?
If parents could just take a step back, free themselves from the outside pressures, tune in to intuition, and approach sensory at a slightly different angle, everything starts to make sense. The worry and stress turns into clarity and confidence. The power struggles turn into cooperation. It all starts with the right mindset.

Understanding Behavior

All behavior is a form of communication. It’s true! There is ALWAYS a way to find out what is being communicated.
 For sensory kids, that communication typically points to a few things; a sensory need that is not being met, a need for consistency, or a skill that is lacking. Meeting those needs and teaching those skills is as simple as taking a step back and looking at the situation from a different perspective, then approaching it in a way that doesn’t cause power struggles, supports sensory needs, and teaches life skills that will be useful for the rest of their life.

Sensory Processing

Is it sensory or is it just my kid being weird, picky, quirky, or stubborn? Read through the posts here to find out more about why your kid is doing/avoiding certain things, has different routines/habits, and what you can do to support those.

About Wendy Bertagnole

Wendy is the co-creator of Sensory Solutions and Understanding Sensory, two courses designed to empower parents with the knowledge of sensory differences. Wendy offers a unique and effective perspective to overcoming the frustrations of every day life with a child with sensory differences.

Not sure what having sensory differences even looks like? Contact Wendy for a free 20-minute consultation to get your questions answered!

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