“Motherhood is meant to be enjoyed, not just endured”

…that holds true for mothers of children with even the WORST behaviors. Children come in all different shapes and sizes, personalities, conditions, abilities, and disabilities. No matter the circumstance, all children long to be loved and understood. I am on a mission to help mothers understand their children and enjoy the journey of motherhood along the way.

I’m Wendy Bertagnole, a lover of chocolate, lifter of heavy weights, believer in wearing yoga clothes most every day, and a mother of three kids. I work with moms who are frustrated with their children’s behavior, helping them to understand the reason behind the behavior, address it directly and once again enjoy motherhood and their children. Not every child shows up 100% happy and willing to cooperate every moment of every day, which can be frustrating. I believe every behavior is a form of communication and I am here to help every mom understand what her child is communicating through their behavior.

With an undergraduate degree in child development, and a master’s degree in special education I started out with big dreams of never yelling, always being patient, and taking the time to understand my kids…then I had child number two. Reality for me set in, and I found myself breaking all my rules. I lived each day just trying to survive. I longed to enjoy my time as a mom, but the tantrums, whining, fighting, and behaviors were more than I could handle.

In 2013, when my third (and final) child was two years old I began going back to my educational roots and trying to understand my kids. I saw sensory differences in my middle child, I understood how to motivate my oldest without always resorting to bribes, I allowed myself to start taking ME time, and motherhood began to be enjoyable again. In 2015 I decided to start sharing all I have learned to help other moms understand their kids and truly enjoy motherhood.

Life isn’t perfect, it never will be. I don’t expect perfection, I only expect to enjoy the process of raising these three beautiful souls who call me mom. This is what I want for every mom.

About Wendy Bertagnole

Wendy is the co-creator of Sensory Solutions and Understanding Sensory, two courses designed to empower parents with the knowledge of sensory differences. Wendy offers a unique and effective perspective to overcoming the frustrations of every day life with a child with sensory differences.

Not sure what having sensory differences even looks like? Contact Wendy for a free 20-minute consultation to get your questions answered!

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