Two weeks ago I was asked a question; “what are you the best in the world at doing?”

I had to really think about the question for a long time, the thought of ME being really good at ANYTHING was out of my normal routine. While in the car for 16+ hours with my 3 kids, I took the time to ponder this question and the answer hit me.

I’m the best in the world at being Perfectly IMPERFECT and its OK!

Let me tell a quick story through pictures to demonstrate why this was so meaningful to me. We have an amazing photographer, Lorie Chambless, who I LOVE LOVE LOVE, and has captured the candid moments of our family for 7 years. We typically don’t do “posed pictures” because I love seeing the moments like this where true personality is captured

Bertagnole Family 2014 - 003

as opposed to this…which is cute but clearly forced

Bertagnole Family 2014 - 007

So during this family session we were trying to capture one good family picture where everyone was looking in the same direction…and we got this…

Bertagnole Family 2014 - 123

then we tried to have everyone with their hands down, and got this….Bertagnole Family 2014 - 122

hmmm. still not what we wanted on our living room wall… try again….

Bertagnole Family 2014 - 125

Not exactly what we had planned….so we tried one last time, and got the grand finale of them all….

Bertagnole Family 2014 - 126

BAM! One has eyes closed, the other showing everything we tried to cover with her clothes, and the oldest has the biggest cheeziest grin ever! PERFECT! Not what I had originally planned, but it made for a great laugh, and proved a great point.

Bertagnole Family 2014 - 132

My life is perfectly imperfect and it’s ok! I can either spend my life miserably trying to fight it (as in the first few pictures) or I can accept it and enjoy the laughter that comes from all the inevitable imperfections that comes from being a mom!

When I fight against the imperfections in life, I feel;

Inferior to those who seem so perfect (just as I described in this post)

Unable to live up to unrealistic standards (my house needs to be clean, my kids need to be cute, I need to be more calm etc.)

Defeated when any mistake was made on my part

Accountable for mistakes made by my children

and Generally Unhappy because of all the negativity

When I allow myself to be Perfectly Imperfect, I feel;

Free of any outside expectations.

My talents, quirks, and imperfections are all instruments that make my life meaningful and fun

Confident in who I am and look inwards for answers rather than looking to others for advice/acceptance/encouragement

Able to laugh- when I use imperfections as instruments to learn and grow in life, I can laugh about them and move on, grateful for the lesson learned.

Grounded- rather than chasing the idea of what I thought a mom should be, I now allow myself to just be.

Im Perfectly Imperfect And its OK!

This is a message that I am now trying each day to embrace, it’s one I am teaching my kids, and its one I will now be sharing often here on this blog. If every mom could embrace her imperfections (as well as other’s) and feel ok with doing so, how powerful would that mom be!

I’d love to hear your experiences about accepting your imperfections, or the imperfections of your children. Feel free to share them here or share the image above if you feel the message resonates with you. #PerfectlyImperfect