“As moms we are often the victims of others expectations. It’s not uncommon to hear things like; you SHOULD breastfeed, your baby SHOULD be sleeping through the night by 3 months, you SHOULDN’T ever let your baby sleep with you, you SHOULD get the flu shot, but SHOULDN’T vaccinate. Although they may be well intentioned, all of these represent an opinion. If that opinion doesn’t align with your view as a mom, trying to live up to it will only lead to more stress and feelings of guilt or obligation. It’s not worth it! The only thing moms SHOULD be doing is letting go of that word and the negative feelings that come with it.”

Do you ever feel victim to the obligations and expectations of other moms around you? Do those ever keep you from really enjoying motherhood? If so, letting go of this ONE word could really help you! Read the entire post over at The Baby Cubby.

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