Helping Parents Feel Connected, Calm, and Confident About Addressing Behavior... ESPECIALLY When Nothing Else Works!

  • Do you feel like NOTHING you do with your child actually changes their behavior?
  • Do you feel confused or frustrated about WHY nothing works?
  • Do you feel like you are walking on eggshells, tiptoeing around your child’s explosive reactions?
  • Do you wonder why timeouts, reprimands, or even being super nice just doesn’t work for your child?

If you answered YES to any of thoese, you are in the RIGHT PLACE and I can help!

What I appreciated most about working with Wendy was her accessibility and strong empathy. She went above and beyond responding to my questions. 

Angie Williams

I learned a valuable secret I want to share with you!

After getting a Master’s degree in education, I thought I had all the answers to dealing with behavior. In the classroom, my textbook approach worked, but at home with my own kids, things fell apart.

That all changed when I looked at behavior and parenting from a different perspective. What I learned is what I’ve shared with hundreds of students over the past two years;

Parenting ISN’T about;

  • doing everything perfect

  • having a 4 step method

  • knowing all the right strategies

  • being consistent and calm every day

  • following other’s parenting advice

Parenting IS About:

  • understanding WHY the behavior happens (it’s not what you think)

  • knowing WHEN to respond (and when to wait)

  • knowing HOW to set rules and expectations without causing a battle

Enjoying a more calm and connected home life

with your child(ren) IS possible and within reach.


That’s what you’ll get in the parenting intensive sessions with me.

Personalized guidance that WORKS for YOU and your child!

We were well past our wits end with our child. Nothing worked, nothing! We became very authoritarian because we felt like doormats, there was a power struggle over everything, and so much stress because nothing we tried made a difference.

While things are far from perfect, we are all in a much better position now. Thank you!

Cassie M

Wendy offers a systematic approach that turns vague behavioral theories into tangible and functional strategies that actually bring positive changes.

Krystal Hofstetter

What Can You Expect From A Parenting Intensive?

  • Customized plan to fit the needs of you and your child.

  • Welcome phone call to discover where you are at and where we will focus to create the best results possible (no hassling with stuff you already know or reading through things that don’t pertain to you)

  • 3 zoom sessions for support and guidance (this is where we talk face to face in an online setting to see what is working, where changes need to be made, and celebrate success)

  • Daily access to me to me via phone app (we all need a friend who gets it, I’ll be that friend whenever you need me.)

Help your child manage his emotions and reactions
Feel more peaceful with your kid(s)
Learn how to say no without causing a meltdown or fight
Understand why your child acts out and how to address it easily