Parenting Outside The Lines

How To Address Behavior That Breaks The Mold

Parenting Outside the Lines

As parents we have a hard job. Challenging behavior only makes it harder.

Tantrums, sporadic explosions, defiance, strong willed responses, power struggles, extreme picky preferences, and other things then enter the mix and parenting goes from “wonderful” to “wondering where it all went wrong”. Being in that place is isolating, frustrating, and makes parents feel like failures.

I get it, I was right there with you for the first three years of my son’s life, I didn’t understand why he was so picky, why he would throw massive tantrums over nothing, why he couldn’t accept being told “no” without a freak out session, and why I absolutely couldn’t do anything to make it any better.

With time, a lot of research, and a ton of practice, we learned his triggers, found ways for me to stand my ground with the rules I had in my home, without causing huge meltdowns. We found coping strategies to help him deal with his big emotions, and most importantly, we identified ways to pinpoint the cause of his behaviors. The interesting thing is, what I learned about his behaviors, I was also able to apply to my other children who are less sensitive, but still don’t like to be told no or be asked to do chores.

All behavior has a reason, I get it now and so can you!

Parenting Outside The Lines

4 Week Online Classroom

For all parents who want personalized guidance to understanding why behavior happens, and how to address it without adding to the chaos, and feeling confident in each of these decisions.


I really appreciate it and am just so grateful for you bringing your expertise to this format so that it is available to me!  It is so refreshing to be in a such a supportive learning community after trying it all on my own and with the help of our service providers, but not really knowing anyone else was actually facing these same struggles!! So thank you for creating this opportunity and sharing your knowledge!!:)

Kate DeVoldre Macri

What Is It?

Parenting Outside The Lines is an online classroom for busy parents who want to have realistic, simple, and effective ways to deal with behavior, even if they feel they’ve tried everything.

In the online classroom students can expect unlimited support, personalized guidance, and the most flexible learning schedule to fit their unique need. All lessons are break down the complex nature of behavior in a way that makes it easy to understand and target the reasons behind it all. The lessons are delivered through 10-15 minute videos that can be accessed any time of the day or night, because let’s face it, finding quiet time isn’t always easy. After each lesson, students are given a daily task to implement, think about, or consider to ensure immediate results in daily life. This is more than just learning concepts, it’s a personalized way to learn how to make these concepts work for you and your child, without adding stress.

Because parenting can feel isolating at times, each student in this course has daily access to an online discussion board to connect with each other as well as gain added insight from me. Students also receive daily personalized guidance through the discussion board to help everyone find ways to implement these concepts in a way that makes sense to them. No parent should have to do this alone, here is where it all starts.


Who Is It For?


Who Is It Not For?

 Wendy is so knowledgeable and wise. She presents very informative material along with real life examples and analogies. It all makes so much sense that you have an aha moment after every video. It’s so amazing to see how these principles once implemented really work and can change behaviors. I love how available Wendy is and so responsive to any questions or comments. She truly wants to help and see wins for her students. 


To me, it was a mental relief to start approaching my child in this fashion.  It gave me new energy to help my child.  The course also allowed me to listen to other moms and caregivers going through the same issues.  Parenting a child with sensory issues can be isolating and draining.  It was so nice to have a community to ‘talk to’ and share new ideas.  Wendy is compassionate and empowering in her comments, and directly addressed my questions.  I highly recommend this course to any parent struggling with parenting issues, whether you have a child with sensory processing issues or not.

Heather Huxol

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