The Secrets of Sensory Processing Simplified

Does this sound like you?

  • You spend hours searching the internet to understand your child’s sensory differences.

  • You are totally overwhelmed by knowing how it all relates to your child.

  • You want to help meet your child’s sensory needs, but you don’t know how.

  • You feel discouraged because nothing you do seems to make anything better for your child.

  • You feel stressed out about the mess and overwhelm of a sensory diet.

We have taken everything we know as an OT, special education teacher, and moms of children with sensory differences to create this comprehensive, step-by-step, online course. Here you'll find all the knowledge you need to change your sensory child's life forever.

In the Sensory Solutions Classroom you will learn how to:

Know your child’s specific sensory needs in every environment and situation.

Easily meet your child’s sensory needs.

Have clarity about why your child’s sensory system works the way it does.

Confidently know when and how to implement sensory activities effectively.

Enjoy interactions with your child once again

Identify natural sensory opportunities in daily routines.

The course presented everything clearly. The examples they used were so clear and understandable and relatable. We speak a different language now in our home because of the course which helps us all understand each other. We use these examples during the day to help everyone understand.


The Sensory Solutions Classroom is for you if…
Sensory differences are interfering with your family’s ability to enjoy daily routines and activities like paying attention at school, falling asleep, going to the store, or playing with peers.
You want to address sensory differences on your own using sustainable strategies that really work.

You want to take control of sensory rather than having it control you.

You want to learn about and address sensory differences with your partner or spouse.

You feel confused and frustrated by a sensory diet.

You want explanations about specific sensory problems such as: extreme sensitivity to specific types of sensations, avoiding social gatherings, sleep disturbances, expressing emotions, poor attention, difficulty with transitions, or wild and dangerous behaviors.

This course is NOT for you if...

You are looking for a quick fix or want some magic fairy dust to make everything better. However, active participation and taking the time to apply the concepts will work like magic.  It also isn’t for parents looking to focus solely on one aspect of sensory difficulties, such as behavior or picky eating, although both will be supported and addressed in the course.

As I started learning about all this I started making connections with some of these weird habits he has. Now that I know this is all connected and all sensory IT MAKES SENSE!! I am so happy to be learning and understanding! I felt hopeless and like I had a ‘weird child’ and why does he do these really odd things BUT NOW I KNOW!


What You’ll Get

11+ Online Video Lessons

(Valued at $197)

Handouts created exclusive to this course. Plus, a downloadable written version of each lesson.

(Valued at $75)

A printable workbook to help you work through the information and apply these ideas in your life in a way that makes sense.

(Valued at $40)


Bonus Lessons on Picky Eating and Sensory Behavior

(Valued at $89)

Total Value


(but that’s not what you’ll pay!)

Why Sensory Solutions Works
We teach a process that allows parents to fully understand sensory processing so they can understand their kids. We’ll give you the fancy therapy terms, but we break everything down into ways for you to easily understand it. We know it works because, well, we do it in our own homes as well as with dozens of other students across the world.
Understanding isn’t enough though, and we don’t stop there, we give you both general and specific ways to meet your child’s sensory needs, but most importantly we see the big picture and give you every tool you need to change the way you live. That sounds like a big statement, but it’s not an over-promise, our student’s lives are changed forever because they have learned how to do this sensory thing easily and effectively for their unique family, their life. It’s education, not just information.

In the Sensory Solutions Classroom You'll Learn :

Week 1 Digging In To The Sensory System

  • Lesson 1: How Your Child’s Sensory System Works
  • Lesson 2: How NOT to Address Sensory Differences
  • Lesson 3: A Solution that Works

Week 2 Understanding and Supporting the Sensory System

  • Lesson 1: Understanding and Supporting Proprioceptive Input
  • Lesson 2: Understanding and Supporting Vestibular input
  • Lesson 3: Understanding and Supporting Touch and Oral Sensory
  • Lesson 4: The Secret Solution Applied to Vision, Smell, and Hearing

Week 3 The Big Picture- Sensory Solutions for Your Child

  • Lesson 1: Creating a Sustainable Plan
  • Lesson 2: Supporting Aversions
  • Lesson 3: Create a Supportive Environment
  • Lesson 4: Sensory Beyond the Home

Week 4 Putting It All Together

  • Bonus Lesson: How To Address Picky Eating
  • Bonus Lesson: How to Address Sensory Behavior
  • Bonus Lesson: Supporting Sensory at School


For the first time in my life, I am feeling so comfortable with my son’s sensory needs. I have been taking my son to so many OT appointments over the years, and have heard from them about proprioceptive, vestibular, and tactile but these things were never so clear to me. Now they are making so much sense to me. Tripti

With over 18 years combined professional experience we believe that:
Every child with sensory differences has potential that can be unlocked only when sensory needs are met.
Sensory differences can and should be UNDERSTOOD, ACCEPTED and SUPPORTED, by doing so sensory processing can even improve.
Every parent can learn the specific needs and aversions of their own child.

Parenting strategies are not to blame for sensory differences.

Wendy Bertagnole MA SpEd

Alisha Grogan MOT OTR/L

Hi, we are Alisha and Wendy, an Occupational Therapist and Special Education teacher.

More than that, we are both moms of children with sensory differences.  Together we teach sensory solutions that work, we know because we use them too!

The Sensory Solutions Course is based on our clinical and teaching experiences as professionals and mothers, in addition to, Sensory Integration as researched and developed by sensory processing pioneer,  A. Jean Ayres.

Wendy worked as a special education teacher helping children with a wide range of diagnosis and differences, including sensory differences. She states “I could devise intervention plans and a sensory diet for my students all day long, but when it came to my own child I struggled. As a mom I was too caught up in the emotional aspect of how sensory differences affected my son at home. Once I took a step back and pieced together my professional experience, my education, and the things I was seeing in my home, I was finally able to address the needs of my son.” This was the beginning of Wendy’s journey to understanding and supporting the sensory needs in her home and serves as the foundation of what we will share with each of you.  Wendy blogs at
Alisha is a mom and pediatric occupational therapist that specializes in sensory processing.  Much of her experience has been working with families in their homes, which has given her the tools and insights to effectively help families learn and utilize sensory concepts and strategies. Moreover, she has a child that displays sensory differences that affect his behavior and eating.  Through her consulting practice and Your Kid’s Table, she has continued to see a need for parents to have a basic but thorough understanding of sensory processing and the tools and strategies to identify and address sensory differences. These years of experience have given her the insight, passion, and strategies to help families pull together all the pieces of sensory processing. Alisha blogs at
What our previous students have to say:
The course was very helpful and provided good insights. I felt like I could reach out whenever I wanted and would get a valuable answer. Angi

Going through the course has been eye opening, you break it down, talk about it, give examples and help us put it into action. Then I see improvements with my son immediately. The course connected those missing pieces. The OT didn’t have the time to spend educating me on these things. I got great ideas from him but I didn’t get educated. Until I’m educated I don’t understand and can’t apply it. Jamie D.

Its so nice to know that we can DIY-it as moms, as we are the ones who have the biggest stake in our kiddo’s well-being, we are the ones who deal with behaviors, and want to support our little one’s growth/learning/success. I would recommend the course without reservation. Amy C.

Thank you so much for all you have done for me and my son through this course! I am really grateful for all the ideas, insights, and help you’ve given me, especially with my son’s oral aversion!  You’ve helped me understand what is going on with my son, and you’ve helped me learn how to help him! Tania

The course was incredibly helpful to our family.  It was packed-full of great information about sensory processing differences.  Alisha and Wendy did a great job of explaining sensory differences, describing key behaviors that signal sensory needs, and sharing ideas on how to help your child integrate sensations so that they are better able to learn and attend to tasks.  Alisha and Wendy were very gracious with their time, always answering individual questions promptly and thoroughly.  I highly recommend the Sensory Solutions e-course to any parent… Jamie D.

Wendy and Alisha were great! They provided a very good understanding into sensory processing and specific tools to help our kids. it was helpful hearing from other group members  who are all going through similar sitautions. I liked being able to reach out for specific questions and was always very happy with the suggestions Wendy and Alisha gave. Penny S.

I knew all these terms but I never came to them by my own realization like I did through this course. Proprioceptive and vestibular wwere hard for me to understand what they were and how to support them in OT. It was overwhelming information to try to gather the info from the OT while she was working with my daughter was hard. This course has provided focused time for us as adults to process and make a plan for what we need to do. Molly

This course was excellent. As an OT and a mom of two children with sensory needs I can say it was just what we needed. Alisha and Wendy take a topic that is often overwhelming and complicated and explained it in a way that is accessible for everyone. It helped to have information to share with my husband so that we can be on the same page about what we do to support our children at home. Thank you both! Briana

Frequently Asked Questions
How Is This Different From Reading Blogs/Books about Sensory?
This is education for parents, specifically designed to be easy to digest and simple to implement. We did all the hard work so you don’t have to.
What if I Work Full Time, Will I Be Able to Participate?

YES!The beauty of this self-paced, self-study course is that you can do it on your own time. The videos are all broken down into 15 minutes or less in length so it is easy to watch one as you have time.

Will This Course Address Picky Eating?

How sensory processing can have an effect on picky eating will be discussed, which is a beneficial perspective.  In addition, many of the activities will be helpful in addressing selective food choices. However, specific picky eating strategies beyond the scope of sensory processing will not be discussed.

How Will The Content Be Delivered?

The lessons are delivered via video, with an attached PDF transcript for those who like to read. All the content and handouts, are housed in the course website to ensure easy access and less stress for you.

For those participating in the study group, we will send you an email about the dates and times of those Q&A sessions. If you can’t make it to the live Q&A, it’s ok, the recording will be sent to you.

I'm Already Working With An OT, Will I Still Benefit From This Course?
YES! Through this course you will use the sensory diet your OT recommends and turn it into a sensory solution that works for you. You will see when the activities are needed, why they are needed, and if you ever need to add more to them. We go beyond just following a sensory diet, we help you manage your own without stress!
Is The Information Geared Towards A Certain Age?
No. Sensory differences affect people of every age, the strategies taught here apply to people of all ages, but our main focus is children.

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  • 15+ Video Lessons and Tutorials
  • 13+ Checklists, Worksheets, and Guides
  • 12 Month Membership to access material at any time