Sensory Treat Review-

Magnet Set

As a mother of a child with sensory differences who ALWAYS benefits from regular sensory activities, I know the most difficult part of providing sensory activities is deciding which activity to do and motivating my child to do it. I’ve been so fortunate to have found a resource that helps diminish BOTH of those frustrating factors.

The Sensory Treat Magnets have made regular sensory activities so much easier in our home. We have been using them for a little over a month and I can’t say enough about them. They were created BY parents of children with SPD who knew first hand how difficult it is to juggle a sensory diet and a child with SPD. They made these magnets to make their own life easier, and have been generous enough to share these creations with me, which has made MY life easier!

The sensory treat magnet set consists of over 100 magnets with beautifully illustrated sensory activities on each magnet. The set is color coded into five different colors. Each color represents a specific kind of sensory activity in the categories of deep pressure, heavy work, jumping, vestibular, and oral. A parent of a child with sensory differences simply needs to choose the color of magnet that will best benefit the child (if you are unsure of which activities will benefit your child, refer to the Sensory E-Course for ideas), and offer a few choices from that color as options for activities. 

sensory magnet set

When integrating Sensory Magnets into our daily routine, I used a white board, placed 2-4 magnets from the categories my son most benefits, placed a bin of materials needed to complete the activities right by the white board, and allow him to choose what he wants to do.

sensory activity setup

 Having the fun and child-friendly magnets out on a board for him to see, makes him WANT to take off a magnet, and start working on the activity. It’s such a nice switch from the typical parent-initiated sensory activity which can often be met with opposition from an unwilling or unmotivated child. Sensory treat takes that aspect completely out of the situation and makes sensory activities FUN and keeps SPD kids happy!

2015-06-17 23.18.47

Are you excited yet about getting your own set of sensory magnets to use in your home? I TRULY can’t say enough about how great they have been for our family. Well, lucky for you, Sensory Treat is run by a group of incredibly generous people who have offered to give a sensory magnet set to one of you!!! THis is one giveaway you won’t want to miss simply because the product will benefit you and your child(ren) in such a great way. Follow the instructions in the Raffle Copter box to enter the giveaway! A winner will be chosen on Sunday July 5th at noon. Good luck! **the giveaway was extended from Thursday to Sunday at the request of Sensory Treat.