Tantrums don’t have to be your normal!

Tantrums don’t have to be your normal!

We all expect to deal with a FEW tantrums. But when those tantrums continue even after the “terrible twos,” are more explosive than anything we could imagine, and when all the “parenting hacks” fail us, it feels like there’s no hope for ever enjoying motherhood again

That was my story. After my second child was born, the tantrums were more than I could handle. I cried often about the mom I had become; one who yelled, had a short fuse, and couldn’t seem to get anything right.

I felt alone. I felt out of control. I felt like I was failing my kids.

Can you relate? Then you’re in the right place! Here you’ll learn the exact process I used to keep the peace in our home without having to scream or walk on eggshells to avoid a tantrum.

This is how we simplify parenting and start Taming Tantrums.

Parenting doesn’t have to be hard!

Let’s face it. We are all busy and we don’t have time to fight for an hour about something that should take 5 minutes. We also don’t have time to scour the planet gathering all of the parenting tools to deal with it.

This book makes parenting easy!

This book will help you:

Easily identify the 4 hidden reasons behind any tantrum.

Easily manage and control your own reaction.

Help your child work thorugh a tantrum without a massive explosion.

Motivate or redirect your child without causing a meltdown.

Avoid most meltdowns without giving in.

See why most parenting tools dont' work and what to use instead.

See how Taming Tantrums has already helped so many parents.

Taming Tantrums is a great book-it has a very friendly and engaging tone. The author’s honesty about motherhood is compelling. It’s very easy to understand. There’s so much info and research here, but it’s condensed into something readable and undaunting.

Gwenan Jones

Wendy writes in a way that parents can easily understand, from her own experience as a mother and as a professional. Parents will be able to relate to her struggles, hearing new ideas and encouraging insights from someone who has walked right alongside them.

Amelia Bowler

Behavior Therapist

Wendy truly opened my eyes to the true role of the parent. It’s a change in perspective. It’s not the typical parenting book of specific ‘what to do if’ kind of instructions, which don’t fit all kids and don’t always work in all situations. This mind shift is what I truly needed. I began seeing positive changes in my home so quickly. We are far from perfect, but I can positively say we are happier, and my relationship with my son is so much better.

Maryam Khalifa

Behavior Therapist

Taming Tantrums is a must read for all parents and those who work with or care for children. Wendy delivers solutions with grace and without judgement. Her teachings/strategies are filled with helpful analogies and illustrations that are sure to illicit that “aha” moment for readers. Today there are so many “do this and not that” type of books to help parents improve the behavior of their children. Wendy’s approach is a gentle yet effective way of providing parents with a unique perspective, with the pivotal key to first understand the root of the behaviors, followed by real-world problem solving and solutions that any type of personality can do.

Krystle Lopez

Occupational Therapist and Mom

Taming Tantrums brings great insight into understanding and addressing even the most difficult behaviors we may be seeing in our homes. It replaces the old parenting advice, that just doesn’t work, with real solutions that do. Wendy’s real and nurturing style, with examples from her actual life really spoke to my heart and helped me to know that I’m not crazy, and that I’m not alone! I can have peace and cooperation in my home.

Cassie Mitchell

Taming Tantrums is a simple, real, and a perfect guide for ur real wild life. This book helped me have a calmer home and taught me how to enjoy every moment with my daughter. Wendy Bertagnole you are trustworthy and the best parenting author i have ever met.

Dana S

Taming Tantrums is a great read, especially for parents with children on the Sensory spectrum.
Wendy has really tuned into all aspects of tantrums and I feel any situation can be guided with her strategy.

Janice Fitzgerald

Taming tantrums provides an entire toolbox filled with strategies for turning parenting struggles into parent and child successes.  Wendy Bertagnole’s sharing of personal real life examples has given myself the tools and vocabulary to help both myself and my child reduce power struggles and increase our level of peace within our relationship.

I liked the straightforward approach taken in this book. No make-believe fairy tale remedies here. Taming Tantrums is the book for you if you’re looking for sound practical advice that will produce positive lasting results.

Jason Ford

Stay at home dad and father of a child on the Autism spectrum

“I decided to write this book because I see too often that parents feel guilty for not being able to manage the tantrums in their homes. They try so hard to use the tools they’re taught to use, but those tools only make things worse because they are temporary bandaids for the behaviors happening. When parents see the real reason behind behaviors, parenting naturally becomes less stressful and more joyful. I want that for all parents. All parents deserve to enjoy more parenting moments and deal with fewer tantrums.”

~Wendy Bertagnole, author of Taming Tantrums


About the Author:

Wendy is the co-creator of Sensory Solutions and Understanding Sensory, two courses designed to empower parents with the knowledge of sensory differences. With an undergraduate degree in child development, and a master’s degree in special education she offers a unique and effective perspective to overcoming the frustrations of every day life with a child with sensory differences.

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