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Whether you are sure your child has sensory differences, or challenging behavior, I have plenty of resources and courses to help you see it all in a different light, address it simply and sanely, and start loving parenting once again.

Sensory Solutions is a class taught by Wendy Bertagnole and Alisha Grogan. This three week comprehensive course is designed to give you a deep understanding of sensory processing, how it works and why it matters. This course isn't just for parents. It is for anyone hoping to gain a better understanding of sensory differences and what you can do for the child in your life who needs your help.


If there is one thing I love, it’s hearing another parent sigh in relief as they feel understood, validated, and confident in knowing how to address their child’s needs. If that is what you are looking for, welcome and I can’t wait to get started! Choose from the packages below and let’s address this behavior once and for all!


Helping parents get to the root of challenging behaviors, find simple and effective parenting strategies, and enjoy parenting once again. I'm happy to teach function of behavior (one that you've never been taught, how sensory effects behavior, and understanding the root of every behavior. You will see behavior in a different light, gain new energy to help parent your child, and gain knowledge on how to avoid or address common meltdowns or tantrums.


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About Wendy Bertagnole

Wendy is the co-creator of Sensory Solutions and Understanding Sensory, two courses designed to empower parents with the knowledge of sensory differences. Wendy offers a unique and effective perspective to overcoming the frustrations of every day life with a child with sensory differences.

Not sure what having sensory differences even looks like? Contact Wendy for a free 20-minute consultation to get your questions answered!

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